A glimpse inside CoisCéim’s new studio at the landmark building – 42 Fairview Strand – with a family-friendly programme of dance gems by David Bolger, including cinema-style screenings of the international hit THE WOLF AND PETER and 3D screenings of his latest work FRANCIS FOOTWORK, which was filmed live earlier this year in 180° Virtual Reality at The Ark Children’s Cultural Centre.
All screenings FREE to attend. Booking required.


4.15pm | THE WOLF AND PETER on the big screen | Open to all ages | Duration 50 minutes | Booked OutWaiting list only 
6.00pm & 7.30pm | FRANCIS FOOTWORK 3D screening | Suitable for ages 7+ | Duration 40 minutes*  | Booked Out – Waiting list only 
*The 3D (180 degree virtual reality) screenings will be followed by a short Q&A led by Mogbeke Akinyemi with Director and Choreographer David Bolger. Please see below for more information about what to expect.




When FRANCIS FOOTWORK was filmed live in the theatre at The Ark, the two eyes of the 180º stereoscopic camera were sitting in the middle of the front row of seats – so when you watch through the VR headset, you will feel like you are in the front row too, watching the performance in 3D!  You can move your head and choose where you look, just like you would in a theatre. You will be seated in a circle, about a metre from the person next to you.  You will receive a sanitised Pico 4k VR headset and CoisCéim’s team will help you so that it fits comfortably.  The sound is played through speakers in the CoisCéim Studio, so no headphones are needed.