How We Work

We are open to requests with regard to any project large or small. Each project is created in response to the needs of the particular group and context with the aim of providing an enlivening and enriching experience for everyone. Projects are flexible as to the type, focus, duration, and location. We work in close collaboration with key personnel at all stages of the design, planning, delivery, production and evaluation of a project.

We have a team of professional artists and technicians who provide a high standard of expertise, and quality artistic and technical production. When appropriate we seek to work in partnership with other organisations in areas such as arts, education, community or health.

Planning, Production & Price

If you are interested in setting up a project please contact Philippa Donnellan, Tel: 01 878 0558 Email:

We are open to fresh initiatives and welcome suggestions as to what is best for your community. All prices are negotiable and are dependent upon the type of project, number of participants, team required, duration and location.