Workshops and Courses

All dance workshops and courses are available on request. Each is designed according to the needs and abilities of the participant group and particular context. Workshops and courses are led by CoisCéim’s team of professional dancer/teachers.

Dance Introduction

1 – 1 ½ Hours

A Dance Introduction workshop for people with little dance participation experience. Lively and fun, it begins with a series of basic stretch exercises. The workshop combines elements of Contemporary Dance with other popular and social dance forms such as: Swing, Street Dance, Set Dancing, Line dancing or Ballroom. It can be tailored to the particular group providing the opportunity for each person to work at his/her own pace. This workshop is highly adaptable in terms of age, experience and ability.

Easy Dance

1 – 1 ½ Hours

This Easy Dance workshop is for people wishing for something a little more gentle. A relaxing and fun way to stay in shape, the workshop can be done seated or standing. It begins with simple movement exercises which are designed to aid flexibility, balance and co-ordination. The workshop includes free style dancing and learning dance sequences to music to help maintain stamina, memory and mental agility. Emphasis throughout is on an enjoyable and social event which promotes a sense of well-being. Participants do not need a partner although who knows they may meet a fellow dance lover!  This workshop is particularly suitable for people aged 50+.

Contemporary Dance Technique

1 ½ – 2 Hours

This Contemporary Dance class is influenced by the techniques of Graham, Limon, Release, and Cunningham. It offers a challenging technical warm-up with emphasis on developing coordination, muscular strength and flexibility. To a variety of music, participants practice sequences involving floor, centre and travelling steps. The different sequences are designed to aid technical ability, spatial awareness and stamina as well as develop individual musical and expressive skills.

Creative Dance Theatre and Choreography

1 – 4 Hours

Creative Dance Theatre and Choreography enables people to explore and investigate ideas through structured dance improvisation, physical theatre games and simple movement tasks. The overall focus is on encouraging creativity and use of the imagination. With guidance from an experienced professional, participants are encouraged to create choreography through working collaboratively. At the end of the session material can be presented informally allowing opportunity for feedback and discussion.

Dance Rep

1 – 4  Hours

A chance to learn dance repertory from some of CoisCéim’s most successful and dynamic dance theatre productions such as OUT OF HARM’S WAY (Dir: David Bolger), KNOTS   (Dir: Liam Steele), BOXES (Dir: David Bolger). Participants may engage with themes from recent productions in ways which are stimulating, thought-provoking and physically challenging. The workshop provides the chance to gain greater experience of devising dance theatre and offers a taste of CoisCéim’s vibrant repertory.

Short Dance Courses

1 – 5 Days

Our short courses give people the time and space to work technically and creatively in greater depth. A course lasts for a minimum of 2 days. The focus, content and timetable of each course is designed in relation to the specific group and context. The purpose is to offer a range of dance participation experiences within a supportive and dynamic environment. Each day begins with a technique class in order to warm-up, stretch and strengthen the body. This is followed by sessions in aspects such as : improvisation techniques, musical appreciation and rhythm skills, understanding different choreographic methods and creating choreography.

General Requirements

For Host Organisation

  • A large, warm, well lit space with a clean wooden floor
  • Provision of a 13 amp socket
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • A host facilitator available
  • If participants are under the age of 18 it is a legal requirement that one or more host facilitators are present during the workshop at all times.

For the Participants

  • Participants should wear loose comfortable clothing
  • When appropriate participants can wear light weight rubber soled shoes or trainers

Booking a workshop or a course

To help us provide an enjoyable and challenging experience for all we recommend that you speak directly with a member of CoisCéim Broadreach to identify the most appropriate workshop or course. The following aspects are important to take into consideration with respect to your group:

  • dance experience and fitness levels : ie. regular involvement in other dance or theatre practices
  • age
  • type of situation : ie. college, school, community group, arts based group


All prices are negotiable and are dependent upon type of workshop or course, number of dance teachers required, and location.