Funded by an Arts Council of Ireland IRIS Award
From July 2022

CHOREOGRAPHY CONNECTS is an important new venture that unites CoisCéim with two European dance trailblazers – OperaEstate/CSC, (Comune di Bassano, Italy) and Le Gymnase CDCN (France) – in a project that explores the strategic alliance between choreography, nature and care.

An artist-led, residency initiative funded by Arts Council Ireland, it brings together the following distinctive, socially engaged dance artists: Vittoria Caneva (Italy), Marion Carriau (France), Justine Cooper (Ireland), Chiara Frigo (Italy), Aoife McAtamney (Ireland) and Betty Tchomanga (France) with one of Europe’s leading dramaturgs, Monica Gillette, to explore fresh ways to connect people and increase access to the artform.

Coming Up

2 – 12 JUNE 2024 | Residency at Le Gymnase CDCN, Roubaix – Justine Cooper, Irish dance artist.

18 – 21 JULY 2024 | The Gathering II, Bassano del Grappa



“Welcoming Choreography Connects artists during our festival Le Grand Bain allows these artists to combine individual research and immersion in the choreographic landscape of our region. On the side of Le Gymnase, it is to gather over a long time a testimony elaborated from a look at both the new and the expert. It also means allowing artists in our territory new gateways and opportunities for experimentation and establishing conversations with our partners outside of production and dissemination issues”
– Laurent Mehuest, Le Gymnase CDCN

“…. enabled me to see where my practice is at the moment – where it is going and how I might remove barriers in the development of my unique choreographic fingerprint…”
– Resident Artist

“…. provided the tracks on the journey to owning my own care in terms of sustainable practice…”
– Resident Artist
“Through Choreography Connects we are able to welcome two Irish artists who very rarely would reach our territory and our communities, and build with them an international artistic community and shared path of research and exchange of dance practices. Being part of a project that invests in research and the development of joint and shared knowledge, allows us to become more responsive to the dynamic changes in the realities in which we work and live. It has also been an opportunity for artists and organisations to create a new international network of support and knowledge sharing together that focuses on the important topics of environment and community.”
– Roberto Casarotto, OperaEstate / Comune di Bassano

“…taking distance from my ecosystem and putting myself in a state of unbalance – a place to research, to be open to see things, and let things be revealed…

… I feel that the environment in which we live or develop our artistic work really affects our questions, our inspirations and for sure for me this is a place that nourishes my thoughts…”
– Resident Artist

“…the possibility to see shows every night makes this residency really special because the festival is spread all over the region and in different venues so it is really an opportunity to meet people and new artists…”
– Resident Artist
“I went very deep with tough questions during this residency. I experienced the void, the inside emptiness.. but I decided to trust the process, to take the wave and to welcome my emotions. I let the « flow flow » and was able to make concrete connections… and out of the fog, find a constellation.”
– Resident Artist

“The outdoor conditions of the residency forced me to shift and find my rebound. I had to tame my new environment, to smell it, to make sense of it…. to let my body become more and more liberated… free to go to new places, where my brain was not judging me anymore.”
– Resident Artist

“Choreography Connects has an energy field – I am resisting the urge and habit to research my ongoing projects at each gathering so that I can stay open to the process of shared community and the unknown…”
– Resident Artist

“It is a fundamental project for our dancehouse, as it shines a light on different connections (between artists and organisations, artists and artists), all whilsts navigating the different topics of nature, freedom, generation and expectations” – Greta Pieropan, Operaestate


Photo by Anna Kushnirenko


8 – 19 January 2024 | Residency at CoisCéim Dance Theatre, Dublin – Betty Tchomanga, French dance artist.
Three words and three images to sum up Betty’s time in Dublin at the very start of the new year…

24 October – 3 November 2023 | Residency at CoisCéim Dance Theatre, Dublin – Chiara Frigo, Italian dance artist.
Chiara’s time in Dublin was spent between the CoisCéim studio and soaking up all that the city had to offer – a comprehensive tour of exhibition and cultural spaces, events and festivals that coincided with her residency weeks with us.

16 – 28 October 2023 | Residency at Bassano del Grappa – Aoife McAtamney, Irish dance artist
Aoife’s residency in Bassano in the Autumn of 2023 left her with the following notes:
I arrived and I didn’t leave, yet. Until Now. As I look back to the river fondly and cross the bridge of memory. Our Orange Pale Stone Fingertips. Remember the studio, with the black board & fabric, I lay naked rinsing out a multitude of positions, giddy trying to find the truest form. Remember you held me there, I cried about shame. The thinking and chatting to the mountain on how to help with the Blue of Giotto telling you to allow the world to see the joy. I ate so many sandwiches & drank so much coffee. Sweating in the space. Moving in the dance, of the structure of the dance and the layers smiled by Monica. Remember the zooms to our new team. Of friends and new friends. We spoke about female wounds, balms, dogs and cars exploding with kinetic energy. The Hours. Persona too. Her. The showing at the end of the two weeks and Greta cried about being altered.

14 – 29 JULY 2023 | Residency at Bassano del Grappa – Betty Tchomanga, French dance artist
Following on directly from the artists’ weekend gathering with Monica Gillette, Betty remained at Bassano del Grappa for a two-week residency. She has been generous enough to share her notes taken during the time there:

« I dive into the thinking of bell hooks. »
« Racialized people here are invisible »
« 6 white women untied my braids yesterday! My entrance to this residency…»
« Reading and writing everyday… »
« I dive into Alice Zeniter’s novel The art of Losing»
« Gaps and silences from History, from my own history… »
« What kind of teenager was I? »
« Water has always been the Earth’s memory and element of transformation. More and more sea, less and less land. »

14 – 16 JULY 2023 | Bassano del Grappa – a two day series of facilitated workshops with dramaturg Monica Gillette.  
At this year’s Gathering, we were also thrilled to be joined by photographer Anna Kushnirenko and local artist, Sara Lando who will create a series of works to capture the energy of the weekend – here’s a wee flavour of the Gathering through her visual notes while we wait for the artworks to mature.

Photos by Anna Kushnirenko

3 – 13 JULY 2023 | Residency at OperaEstate/CSC, Bassano – Justine Cooper, Irish dance artist
Justine’s residency took the form of a solo pilgrimage that evolved into a 3-strand weave, exploring foraged visual choreography and archetypal wisdom from plants in the beautiful surrounds of Bassano to address anxiety through donated gestures of care. Supported by the other project artists and a local herbalist, she shared an improvised Qi Gong-enriched practice with the deeply inspiring participants of the local Dance Well class. The 10-day experience culminated with the second collective facilitated gathering of Choreography Connects artists, igniting further questions and discoveries in her endeavour to create a choreographic quilt of care.