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Since exploding onto the scene in 1995, CoisCéim has brought dance to millions of people with the creation of over twenty new dance theatre works on stage, film, off-site and through a range of dance spectacles. From hotel bedrooms to the stage of the Sydney Opera House, David Bolger’s distinctive style of dance theatre articulates themes and emotions relevant to the landscapes in which we live to inspire, challenge, provoke and stimulate.  

Donate from as little as €100 and become a DANCE ANGEL. Share the spirit and vision of the work we produce. Become part of the family of supporters and play a vital role in helping us achieve our creative ambitions. Be an advocate for arts and culture in our society. Find out how you can give here. 



CoisCéim works with highly skilled performers and collaborators to create dance theatre that is surprising, stimulating, meaningful and entertaining. Your contributions will ensure that we continue to commission, nurture and showcase the creative talent of our artists and designers. Your donations ensure that we can coherently develop work, allowing the core artistic team time to meaningfully investigate concepts and ensure a natural evolution of the creative process.


CoisCéim builds its reputation and extends the life of its work by taking its vibrant form of dance throughout Ireland and overseas. In so doing, we showcase the unique talent of our dance artists, composers, musicians and designers.  Our work has been seen at many of the world’s most prestigious venues and festivals including Peak Performances and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in USA, Spring Loaded, The Place, London, the Venice Biennale, Brighton Festival, and we were the first Irish contemporary dance company to perform on one of the world’s most iconic stages, the Sydney Opera House. Your support will ensure that ever increasing numbers will have the opportunity to experience what CoisCéim has to offer.


We host an extensive dance awareness and participation programme that specialises in providing unique and original opportunities for people to access and participate in a range of classes, workshops and projects. These varied initiatives are designed for different communities of either place, age, experience or interest. By becoming a CoisCéim Angel you will enable CoisCéim to connect with more people allowing them to further engage and enjoy dance as an artform.

With the help of our Angels we have been able to keep our feet firmly off the ground. Thank You!

Mary Boushel, John Comiskey, Elma Cusack, Margaret Finlay, Julian Erskine, Martin J Munroe, Cian O’Brien, Madeleine Nesbitt, Brigid McManus, M & E Welsh, Nick Heinzen, Aengus O’Hanrahan, Louis Herbert, Émer O Laoghaire, Gwen Bolger & Michael Cranston, Eamonn Maguire, Jacqueline Strawbridge, Eileen Keating, and those who wish to remain anonymous. 


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Celebrating 25 Years and counting

In 2020,  CoisCéim marked its quarter century – donate €25 now and support our programme this year.  Find out more about our anniversary here.