CREATIVE DANCE TALES workshops are led by CoisCéim BROADREACH Director, Philippa Donnellan. Inspired by the characterful choreography and dramatic story of David Bolger’s THE WOLF AND PETER, the workshops use the original music by composer Prokofiev as well as a few upbeat interpretations! Together, the young people can explore the story through simple, lively movement tasks, varied energetic exercises, and fun choreographic activities –  and invent a unique creative dance tale of their own making.

CREATIVE DANCE TALES is designed to link with the Primary School Physical Education (Creative Dance) and Visual Arts Curriculum: while looking and responding to art teachers are invited to link with other aspects of the curriculum such as Drama, Literature and Design and to utilize these elements as appropriate.

CREATIVE DANCE TALES workshops took place at Uillinn with 3 local primary schools. These coincided with a performance on Saturday 18 June of a new work choreographed by David Bolger, Fancy Dress, for Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company to celebrate their 10th anniversary.