A workshop series for children

aged 6 – 10

Supported by The Ireland Funds


CREATIVE DANCE TALES offered young people and primary school teachers an imaginative, kinaesthetic learning experience in dance. Led by Philippa Donnellan it included an invitation to go see a CoisCéim Dance Theatre’s performance of THE WOLF AND PETER in 2015.


Nine primary school groups took part in CREATIVE DANCE TALES workshops either before and/or after they have seen a performance of THE WOLF AND PETER. The workshops, which drew from the characterful choreography and dramatic story of The Wolf and Peter and the powerful music of Prokovfiev, enabled the children to explore themes through simple, lively movement tasks, and fun choreographic activities. Together, they were encouraged to share and exchange ideas, and respond to all they have experienced by inventing a unique creative dance tale of their own making.

CREATIVE DANCE TALES is designed to link with the Primary School Physical Education (Creative Dance) and Visual Arts Curriculum through ‘looking at and responding to art’ , with the aim of encouraging ‘additional ways of learning for children and enable them to record real or imagined ideas and feelings’ (Arts Curriculum, NCCA; 1999). As part of the CREATIVE DANCE TALES workshops, teachers are invited to link with other aspects of the curriculum such as Drama, Literature and Visual Art and Design, and to utilise these elements as appropriate.


DANCE EDUCATION workshops also took place with primary school teachers in Galway and Dublin. These workshops unpicked some key approaches to working creatively with young people in dance and movement. Drawing on material from THE WOLF AND PETER, participants had the opportunity to engage in varied and dynamic movement practices, discover new tools in the teaching of dance with young people, and share their own dance experiences with other teachers/artists working in education.

The key aims of the DANCE EDUCATION workshops are to:

  • support the development of teaching skills in creative dance
  • build confidence in planning and delivering creative dance projects with young people
  • facilitate discussion and share experiences surrounding dance/arts practice in schools
  • increase awareness of creative dance practice as an aid to cross-curricular learning


Photography Dervla Baker

Creative Dance Tales Digital Resource

for Primary School Teachers and Dance Artists.  Click here to find out more…