A partnership project between CoisCéim Broadreach and Dublin City Council Arts, Sports & Leisure and Community Development Sections. Funding support was also provided by Go For Life and The Aviva Stadium Community Fund.

“I enjoyed every aspect of the project – It keeps body and mind active.”

WILD & WONDERFUL began in March 2012 with drop-in dance classes running for 6 weeks in seven centres across Dublin. Much fun was had as people stretched, turned and twisted and stamped, clapped and sang – learning new sequences and original dance routines along the way. The classes, led by Michelle Cahill, Cathy Coughlan and Philippa Donnellan offered a great chance for people to meet friends old and new – and to take part in an invigorating and creative form of exercise.

“Everything was achievable, even if it sometimes took me a bit of time to be coordinated and remember the moves.”

When the six weeks of classes ended 45 people signed up to join a specially established dance ensemble. Together they worked with Philippa and Cathy in the creation of the performance of Wild & Wonderful – a riotous celebration in song and dance. As participant Josie Riggs said “This dance is about our lives, about things we do every day – going to work, washing, doing the garden. The stories concern our families, and how things used to be – the white line in men-only bars, the priest separating us if we danced too close. In song and dance Wild & Wonderful brings us together in a celebration of life.”

“I couldn’t believe I enjoyed the actual performances so much and being part of a ‘big group’ which I would usually shy away from.”

After five intensive weeks the choreography was complete, the dances practiced and the fabulous costumes finished (designed by Grainne Lynch and Amy Gorman). On 22 May the dance ensemble hit the road touring to five venues across Dublin as part of Bealtaine 2012. WILD & WONDERFUL opened in The Havelock Room at The Aviva Stadium to an excellent reception from friends, family and members of the public. It was a colorful and moving event on many levels, and set the standard for the rest of the performances. WILD & WONDERFUL returned to some of the venues where classes had taken place with performances at Terenure Sports Centre, Bluebell Community Centre and WFTRA Hall in Finglas. We were also delighted to be invited back to the Irish Film Institute where the dance ensemble gave a truly wild and wonderful performance.

“Before (the) first performance I wasn’t keen on the idea of so many more. After Aviva I couldn’t wait for the next show!”

“The whole experience was great. The atmosphere in the group, the wonderful enthusiastic teachers, meeting new friends, all added up to making it a fun and happy experience.”

A big THANK YOU to all who supported, produced and created WILD & WONDERFUL 2012, and to the venues who hosted the performances.