AUGUST 2021 – DECEMBER 2021.

We are delighted to introduce Guest Curator, Aoife McAtamney and MOVEMENTLAND – an OPEN INVITATION to create and practice dance alongside things you might never have imagined yourself doing, like recording an original group song, adding some photography skills, or delving into new dance forms!

MOVEMENTLAND brings together CoisCéim Broadreach with the acclaimed artist, Aoife McAtamney to devise and deliver a vibrant, thought-provoking six-month participation programme for older people, which imaginatively weaves together artforms and media through two interconnected artistic projects and a cycle of dance classes. Focus is on collaboration and international exchange in an energising initiative that explores how time shapes, and inspires our movement.

Uplifting and full of unique possibilities, MOVEMENTLAND gathers our creative energies into one homebase to enable people to mix and blend this series of in-person and online workshops and classes – where every element can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the next – allowing participants to personalise their creative experience in line with their own needs.

As Aoife writes:

When I was threading together the MOVEMENTLAND programme, I began thinking about how we can expand our preconceptions of our own physicality, and how we can do that through dancing together? In other words, how big can we dream – for ourselves and one another? After many long walks and conversations, I understood that the programme needed to be rooted in the present, with its gaze towards the future. I believe we need spaces of transformation as we grow, to have the opportunity to be anew. This inspired the decision to create a programme embracing many different art forms and places so that we can rediscover dance and ourselves. MOVEMENTLAND is a place where every part of you is welcomed, a place where you will be supported, cheered on and listened to.

Kicking off with SONGBIRDS in August – MOVEMENTLAND then shifts from the local to the global with an exciting collaboration with dancer Bhargavi Gopalan in New Delhi, India… more on that to come! In the meantime I invite YOU to come dance, sing, and dream with us – and above all, to have the craic!

Aoife McAtamney, Guest Curator




Aoife McAtamney is an actor, dancer/choreographer, musician and teacher based in Dublin. She began a career as a dancer and choreographer producing work locally and internationally. Their movement practice evolved to music, songwriting and soundscapes for performances and in early 2020 Aoife graduated with an MA (1st) in songwriting at the University of Limerick. Alongside their work in dance and choreography, Aoife coaches dancers and teaches workshops in vocal movement. She is the lead movement artist for Dublin City Council Culture Company where she also cultivates a community arts practice developing investigations of gender, ancestry and nature. Currently Aoife can be seen in Paula Keohoes TV documentary ‘The Witch and The Goddess’ and in ‘Night Dances’, a contemporary dance performance with United Fall. 

Check out some of Aoife’s previous work below:

Winter Lights Movement Project | Dublin City Council Culture Company | Winter 2020
Slumber | Dance Umbrella | 2020



Bhargavi Gopalan is a Bharatnatyam dancer, Dance Science Specialist and a Dance Educator based in India. She holds a masters degree in Dance
Science from University of Bedfordshire and has undergone dance teacher training with Dance Education Laboratory, New York. 
Her artistic practice explores ways her form can be taught to learners of all ages and abilities. Through academic practice she engages in understanding the dancing body through a scientific lens and increases representation of South Asian Dance in the field of Dance Science research. Currently she teaches and runs a digital performing arts space where she also shares resources on dance science and education for practitioners and educators.
“Dance has taught me many great things in life! I enjoy diving into different art forms and exploring how they are different yet similar in nature. Teaching in the community dance space has given me the opportunity to connect with different people and understand the unique value dance holds for them. There is a sense of joy in coming together and dancing and I love to explore my practice as a space for nurturing our versatility!”