SWEPT is a site specific duet which fuses dance, text, music, light and sound. In this physical journey of fun and friendship, SWEPT takes place in the intimate Peacock Theatre foyer bar. Animating these areas offers a new set of rules and possibilities spring boarding the action into a universe where anything is possible. The two performers share a friendly banter and sweep the audience along with them.

Choreographer David Bolger
Original Cast David Bolger, Diane O’Keefe
Lighting Designe: Sinéad McKenna
Sound Designer Ciaran Eaton
Costume Designer Joan O’Clery
Hair and Make-up Designer Val Sherlock
Technical Director Tony Wakefield
Stage Director Pamela McQueen


Past Performances

13 November 2003 | The Peacock Theatre | Dublin, Ireland

Other Performances
11-15 August 2004 | The Venue Bar | Kilkenny, Ireland



“There is a playfulness and joyousness in the performance that transmits itself directly to the audience” Irish Times

“Deceptively simple, it’s a boy-meets-girl love story, infused with a playful and knowing regard for the everyday” The Guardian

“Swept is a series of manic, off-the-cuff duets that flow easily from one to the next and generate an instantly open rapport with an audience” Irish Independent

“Their final pas de deux, which illustrates the beauty of an interdependent relationship…puts a lovely cap on a fun and smart show” WOW.IE