In 2019, ahead of its 25-year anniversary, CoisCéim robustly reviewed itself from the inside out to enable the Board and Executive to lay the best possible foundations for a new five-year strategic plan.  We looked optimistically forward to 2020 – working group in place and a certainty that “by harnessing diversity and concentrating on resilience we could enrich our capacity to make “excellent” work in a republic of equals, where the arts are for all.*

Fast forward to late Spring 2021.  As a pathway out of the Covid-19 pandemic started to emerge, we picked up our strategic planning work. All of our research pointed towards the need to take a radical new approach to realise the Vision and Values of the organisation – moving away from a traditional system of parallel policies and plans (artistic, financial, engagement & access, diversity & inclusion etc..) to enable the company to THRIVE rather than grow as part of a circular, interdependent ecology.  Shaped by thinking  of Kate Raworth (Doughnut Economics), Marjorie Kelly (Next Generation Enterprise Design), and Elif Shafak (novelist/political scientist) – it is designed to be succinct, robust and replicable (for any set of values & objectives)

*From the Arts Council of Ireland’s “Making Great Art Work”