SEASONS fuses the choreographic styles of three dance makers to create a kaleidoscopic journey through autumn, winter, spring and summer. The journey begins in autumn with Liz Roche’s autumnal duet, Autumn I, when the wind whirrs though our branches, giving us the sensation of falling, as leaves drop to the ground. Naked and vulnerable Muirne Bloomer exposes us to the harshness of Winter, laying us bare as we seek refuge from the rawness of our emotions, as she challenges us to find strength to forgive ourselves and move on, so that we can experience the magic of Winter.

A fresh blend of dance arrives with Allan Irvine’s Spring when we dust ourselves down and step forth once again to perform, fusing hip hop with contemporary, as we contort our coiled bodies, unexpectedly bounding to start life again. Liz Roche hurls us into the emotional pandemonium of Summer as our energies are unleashed to embrace the dynamic of life, allowing us to abandon ourselves to sensual pleasures. We complete our Seasons cycle with Autumn II, when the three choreographers collaborate to celebrate the cyclical nature of life.

Choreographers Muirne Bloomer, Allan Irvine, Liz Roche
Artistic Coordinatior David Bolger
Composer and Sound Designer Bell Helicopter
Set and Lighting Designer Paul Keogan
Costume Designer Helen McCusker
Hair and Make-up Designer Val Sherlock
Original Cast Ella Clarke, Anne Gilpin, James Hosty, Eric Lacey, Simone Litchfield, Liz Roche

Past Performances

23-28 November 1998 | Old Museum Arts Centre | Belfast Festival at Queens | Belfast, UK

Other Performances
2-12 December 1998 | Project at the Mint | Dublin, Ireland


“The energy, mood and rhythms ebbed and flowed through the changing sequences and provided a most engaging and invigorating evening of dance” Sunday Tribune

“Seasons represents the best of contemporary dance” Irish Independent