Feature image courtesy aphorist and artist Michael Lipsey

Broadreach | The Choreography Project | The Choreography Project 18

  PORTRAITS Led by Wendy Houstoun Friday 27 November – Friday 11 December 2020 This digital Choreography Project was led by The Guardian’s “maverick of modern dance”, UK-based artist Wendy Houstoun: “This is going to be ...more

Uncategorized | Cristian & Cosmo

A SHORT FILM BY DAVID BOLGER In partnership with Wildfire Films IN DEVELOPMENT | 2020   Cristian & Cosmo is an experimental short film about crossing borders – physical, mental and emotional. It tells the true story ...more

Broadreach | Creative Steps | Last of the Big Shoes | 2020

Led by Philippa Donnellan CREATIVE STEPS Youth Dance Group for AGES 15 – 25 National online dance film project 21 September – 14 November    It’s the final show down.  The party is over.  Most ...more

Productions | Digital Dances

CoisCéim is heading inside for the coming months and we’ve got some lively new moves to share with you.  From performance and participation projects to curated online classes let’s dance together to keep our spirits ...more

Broadreach | For Ages 50+ | Projects | LOVE LETTERS | 2020

LED BY PHILIPPA DONNELLAN | NATIONAL PROJECT | SUMMER 2020  An invitation to create in dance, writing and film for people aged 50+ In July 2020, a host of romantics joined Philippa in exploring all ...more

Productions | David Bolger’s THE PARTING DANCE

A solo to salute the studio in Sackville Place World Premiere | 30 June 2020   For almost 20 years, the studio we created on Sackville Place has been our home  – one that we ...more