MERMAIDS takes as its starting point Hans Christian Andersen’s story THE LITTLE MERMAID. ‘She would have wept, but mermaids cannot weep, and therefore, when they are troubled, suffer infinitely more than humans do’ – Andersen. Written in 1836 THE LITTLE MERMAID deals with themes of love, yearning, suffering, self-sacrifice and ultimately transformation. David Bolger’s contemporary dance work explores man’s increasingly destructive relationship with the sea and the myths surrounding those mysterious creatures…mermaids.

Choreographer David Bolger
Composer Conor Linehan
Lighting Designer John Comiskey
Sound Designer Paul Groothuis
Costume Designer Jodie Fried
Original Cast Muirne Bloomer, Robert Jackson, Nanette Kincaid, Jonathan Mitchell, Emma O’Kane, Rebecca Reilly
Cast (China) Muirne Bloomer, Robert Jackson, Nanette Kincaid, Daryn Crosbie, Emma O’Kane, Aisling Doyle
Musicians Conor Linehan (Piano), Ellen Cranitch (Flute)
Boy Soprano Voices Andrew Hall, Sebastian O’Shea-Farren
Hair and Make-up Designer Val Sherlock
Line Producer Jane Daly
Production Manager Marie Breen
Stage Manager Paula Tierney 

Past Performances

23 May – 7 June 2003 | Project Arts Centre | Dublin, Ireland
Other Performances:
27-29 May 2004 | Mini Theatre of Beijing’s People’s Arts Theatre | Beijing, China
3-5 June 2004 | Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre | Shanghai, China



“Mermaids is the most visually stunning CoisCéim show thus far” Irish Examiner

“The excellent cast performed the ensembles, trios and duets splendidly, bringing me into their almost weightless world. Mermaids is accessible, enjoyable and essential viewing for all dance lovers” Irish Independent

“Ethereal, dramatic and visually arresting. Mermaids is peppered with beautiful moments, from hypnotic solos by Robert Jackson and Rebecca Reilly to grounded duets and a delicately aggressive sacrifice sequence” Sunday Times