We spend our lives looking for the perfect partner with whom we can ‘Tie the Knot’, and when we think we’ve found them, we spend the rest of our lives examining the frayed ends.

Using brutal and high-octane choreography and the insightful writings of psychoanalyst R.D. Laing, KNOTS takes us through a series of passionate physical and verbal confrontations as it tries to unravel the twists and turns of life with someone else.

The production was inspired by R.D. Laing’s book ‘Knots’. In this book he uses his experience in psychotherapy and couples’ therapy to examine the ways in which our minds interfere with our personal relationships. The dynamic twists, turns and convolutions in our relationships are played out in dialogue scenarios. It was these scenarios that the director and cast used as their starting point to create a piece which fuses text and movement.


Director Liam Steel
Original Cast Muirne Bloomer, David Bolger, Robert Jackson, Eddie Kay, Emma O’Kane, Diane O’Keefe
Set and Costume Designer Ferdia Murphy
Lighting Designer Ian Scott
Sound Designer Alexis Nealon
Production Manager Rob Furey
Stage Manager Fearga O’Doherty
Chief LX Aidan Wallace
Sound Engineer Alexis Nealon

Past Performances

21-29 September 2005 | Samuel Beckett Theatre | Dublin Fringe Festival | Dublin, Ireland
Other Performances
7 February 2006 | Civic Theatre | Tallaght, Ireland
9 February 2006 | Ardhowen Theatre | Enniskillen, Ireland
13 February 2006 | Glór Theatre | Ennis, Ireland
15 February 2006 | Town Hall Theatre | Galway, Ireland
18 February 2006 | Pavilion Theatre | Dún Laoghaire, Ireland
21 February 2006 | An Grianán Theatre | Letterkenny, Ireland
23 February 2006 | Backstage Theatre | Longford, Ireland
25 February 2006 | Mermaid Arts Centre | Bray, Ireland
28 February 2006 | Cork Opera House | Cork, Ireland
15 July 2006 | Kleines Haus | Freiburg, Germany
4-28 August 2006 | Aurora Nova | Edinburgh, United Kingdom
2 September 2006 | Tron Theatre | Glasgow, United Kingdom
29-30 June 2007 | Venice Biennale 5th International Dance Festival | Venice, Italy
31 October- 1 November 2007 | Theatre IM Pfalzbau | Ludwighshafen, Germany
8-10 November 2007 | Nuffield Theatre | Southampton, United Kingdom
14-16 November 2007 | Komedia | Brighton, United Kingdom
22-23 November 2007 | The Lowry | Salford, United Kingdom
27 November- 1 December 2007 | Project Arts Centre | Dublin, Ireland
4-5 December 2007 | Welsh Millennium Centre | Cardiff, UK
8-9 December 2007 | Southbank Centre | London, UK
26 February 2008 | Irvine Berkeley Theater | California, USA
29 February- 1 March 2008 | Edison Theater | St.Louis, Missouri, USA
6-9 March 2008 | Kasser Theater. Montclare State University | New Jersey, USA


★★★★★ Irish Times
“This exhilarating devised production directed by Liam Steel, is the most accomplished to date in CoisCéim’s ongoing project to merge the aesthetics and skills of contemporary dance and theatre. The performers astound in their ability to perform complex choreography while acting with complete emotional commitment. Their vivacity undercuts what could otherwise have become a bleak vision of the possibility of happy union.” The Guardian
★★★★ Irish Independent
 “Guest choreographer Liam Steel (of DV8 fame) has pushed CoisCéim into new territory, physically and emotionally….it is a confident response to the vexed question of whether dance can communicate ideas” Irish Theatre Magazine

“The Fringe’s “Knots” was the outstanding production of both festivals.” Variety

“CoisCéim’s Knots was a fascinating piece of dance theatre that piled on the action for most of its 90 minutes in a whirlwind of terrific, high-energy dancing. Taking its title from the book by RD Laing, this show managed to be both highly entertaining and surprisingly thought-provoking, delving way beneath the surface as various Jacks and Jills got caught up in the tortuous cycle of the blame game.” Event Guide

“This is not a piece of work that “contemporary dance” virgins (or sceptics) need be afraid of – it’s accessible to the point of being in yer face. And the vulgarity and burlesque of the sexual game that they play on stage produces moments of beauty too. This is dance with a jagged edge…” Village Magazine