Jeanette is a former professional dancer from Toronto, Canada, She has danced with Opera Ireland, Cork City Ballet, Xing Dance Theatre, Danny Grossman Dance Company and for various choreographers in Ireland and Canada. She has also choreographed for numerous productions in Toronto including: Muses, and Before, During, and After (an annual festival of duets).


Q&A with Jeanette:

Describe your style in 3 words…

Considered, Dedicated, Energetic

What can people expect when they come to your class at CoisCéim? 

We always start the class with a collective warm-up to get us connected with our body, begin to engage our muscles differently and prepare our body for the class ahead using dynamic and some static stretches. We transition to the barre to follow a traditional ballet class, building on exercises each week learning the fundamentals to prepare us for work in centre. This next stage of the class consists of exercises that build from slow moving (adage) to travelling combinations across the floor progressing on to small and big jumps. We cover a lot in the class but each week we refine what was done on the previous week and develop it further enabling all to become more familiar with the exercise, ballet technique, vocabulary and sense of freedom of movement. 

Why do you think dancing and taking class is important?

Movement is so important for our well being. It is said motion is lotion and i believe it to be true. I have seen so many people come in to my class not realising the natural facility they have to move – we all have it. Dance, ballet, is not limited to a particular stage in your life, your gender, your age and it is always so wonderful to have people in class who have always wanted to try ballet and are now doing it as an adult! Taking class gives one the opportunity to explore new ranges of movement, types of and quality of movement, and in this case a style of movement that has many dynamic qualities. Learning new ballet steps is exhilarating and it is a sheer joy to see all in class master new steps in a fun and encouraging environment. 

As it is a beginner class, all are welcome to the class. As the class builds from the previous week, this should be taken into consideration for those attending their first ever class.