This dance theatre piece explored the themes of online identity theft and internet hacking, including the dark side of social media. Performer Sibéal Davitt writes that the “inspiration for the piece was drawn from Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin’s theories on the ‘death of the original’ in simulacra. For example, in art when an original piece is copied or doubled, the original loses meaning or is annihilated.” (sibé, 2012)

The piece was performed in Dunamaise Performing Arts Theatre in Portlaoise and an excerpt of Frame by Frame was seen at the 2011 Irish Youth Dance Festival at The Pavilion Theatre, Dún Laoghaire.

In addition Creative Steps performed Frame by Frame as part of NOISEmoves Youth Dance Festival at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght in 2012. Invited by Co.Laois Dancer-in-Residence Cathy Coughlan, Creative Steps’ performance formed part of a dance double bill alongside Cathy’s work Aspect. Both pieces explored issues of identity – online and rural/urban respectively, combined film with live performance, and involved young dancers from Creative Steps as well as the Co. Laois youth dance group Unlaois’D.