Evening class special with Robbie Synge

As part of CoisCéim’s series of EVENING CLASS SPECIALS, and as part of Dublin Dance Festival, the company hosted a unique two hour workshop with choreographer Robbie Synge

Friday 22nd May 2015
FEE | €15 per person
– sold out –

Where does the body become object and the object become body? Robbie Synge’s recent work attempts to explore this question and others within the context of our surroundings – urban or built up, green or grey…. This workshop is designed to open body and mind. Suitable for people with previous experience in contemporary dance and physical improvisation.

About the workshop

“My work is closely tied to two factors – the surrounding natural and built environment, and the choreography that exists within these landscapes. Within these parameters, where does the body become object and the object become body? What is the nature of our relationship with these elements and how do we physical interact with our surroundings?”

Engaging, discursive and dynamic, this unique workshop offers an opportunity for people to work with choreographer Robbie Synge and explore some of these themes through his particular improvisation and choreographic practices.

Guided by Robbie, the session will begin with an invigorating warm-up to focus the mind and body. The use of every-day objects and employment of specific physical tasks will encourage a fun and lively approach and perhaps, as Robbie states “we will surprise ourselves with unusual choreographic discoveries and the revelation of new meaning in our connection to simple objects and different environments”.



About Robbie Synge

Based in Ross-shire, Scotland, Robbie Synge is a choreographer and performer and works regularly in education with young people and adults.

Robbie originally studied BSc (Hons) Physiology at Edinburgh University before working in the science, health and education sectors in the UK and abroad. Robbie practised Martial Arts and Hip-Hop dance styles for many years before changing career path and studying on the Postgraduate Certificate: Dance in the Community programme at Laban.

Current projects and interests sit within the broad aims of contributing to dance sector and community development as widely as possible. Robbie is passionate about artist/audience process-based encounters, and different forms of artwork performance. Ongoing work involves development of collaborative projects with artists and organisations in the craft and visual arts, and with the support of PAL Labs, the foundation of a publication considering choreographic thinking and practice in a broad sense.



Hip hop & Street Dance Evening Class Specials

Led by some of the fittest dancers in town…


About the Classes

Eloy Quezada (Venezuela)
Easy going and fun, Eloy offers you a chance to throw yourself into something new and discover Lyrical Hip Hop mixed with Contemporary Dance techniques in this one-off class. Catch his superb Lyrical style and create your own moves. Ideal for anyone who wants to learn more and find out what Hip Hop is all about.

Rachel Sheil (Ireland)
Rachel’s teaching combines Contemporary Dance and Lyrical Hip Hop. Her class begins with moves designed to stretch the body and work up a sweat, followed by practice of Hip-Hop techniques such as grooving, popping, body isolations – all with a goal to learning some great new choreography.

Bianca Smith (USA)
This class promises to be tons of fun with an old school vibe. Bianca will share her love of Old School Hip Hop and help everyone find their groove. Drawing inspiration from her training in Hip Hop at the Broadway Dance Center in New York, her teaching is energetic and enthusiastic.

Mateusz Szczerek (Poland)
Expect to push yourself to the maximum in this high energy class with Mateusz. Mixing House Dance and Contact Improvisation, the class begins with a fast paced warm-up and practise of foundation techniques of House Dance. To end, everyone will have opportunity to try their own unique moves, dance together and freestyle in a short jam session.