Dublin based dance artist Emily Kilkenny Roddy graduated 1st Class Hons in Dance Studies (BA) from the University of Chichester in 2016. As well as a commercial and contemporary performer, Emily has trained specifically in choreography and composition and uses a lot of choreographic elements in her class work. Most recent choreographic roles include current choreographer for 2 competitive youth dance companies ( IRE-ITW), previous artist in residence for Five lamps Festival (IRE 2018), choreographer and dancer for Loosysmokes (IRE 2019), director, dramaturg and choreographer for Nine Weeks (Dublin Fringe 2019). Emily has trained in numerous styles and teaches contemporary, lyrical, jazz, commercial and musical theatre across Dublin. Music plays a big part in her classes at CoisCéim and any mover can gain a lot from her high energy classes.


Q&A with Emily:

Describe your style in 3 words…

Engaging physical playful

What can people expect when they come to your class at CoisCéim? 

These classes offer participants a range of movement exercises and phrases designed to showcase several fundamentals of contemporary dance. The joy I have teaching creates a class which has a relaxed, open and fun environment set to high energy music combined with dynamic challenging phrases. A typical class structure includes travelling sequences, floor work, dynamic choreographic combinations and strength & flexibility conditioning throughout.

Why do you think dancing and taking class is important?

Dancing is such a joyous and natural embodiment of what movement can offer. This class is a space that offers freedom and discovery as well as drive and goals. Weekly classes will show improvement in numerous fundamental areas such as stamina, coordination, rhythm, range of movement, flexibility and most importantly I can guarantee satisfaction. 

What level of dance experience should people have to attend your class?

Dance experience is desired, suited for people that are comfortable with basic contemporary dance fundamentals (1/2 years experience) or similar field. Just be keen to try!