CHAMBER MADE is performed in a hotel bedroom and this intimate setting allows audiences an immediate and voyeuristic experience. A young couple burst into the hotel room with a wild and playful energy. A single man in his thirties meticulously grooms himself for his big moment. Meanwhile, an older married couple pack and unpack past memories. These three stories unfold in their individual time frames and overlap to comment on the greater theme of couples and their ever changing stages of love.


Creators David Bolger and Katie Read
Music Rory Pierce
Sound Designer Ciaran Eaton
Costume Designer Sinead Cuthbert
Stage Manager Fearga O’Doherty
Original Cast Miguel Angel, Muirne Bloomer, Eoin Lynch, Des Nealon, Ester Ó Brolcháin, Emma O’Kane
Subsequent Cast Miguel Angel, Muirne Bloomer, Des Nealon, Ester Ó Brolcháin, Emma O’Kane, Karl Sullivan


Past Performances

7-11 August 2004 | Room 409, Kikenny Ormonde Hotel | Kilkenney Arts Festival | Kilkenny, Ireland
Other Performances
21 September- 2 October 2004 | Room 220, Morrison Hotel | Dublin, Ireland
29-30 October 2004 | Room 304, Quality Hotel Cork | Cork, Ireland
7-8 June 2005 | Room 518, Great Southern Hotel | Galway, Ireland
10-11 June 2005 | Room 220, Raddisson Hotel | Limerick, Ireland
14-18 June 2005 | Room 304, Quality Hotel Cork | Cork, Ireland
21-22 June 2005 | Room 303, Meadowlands Hotel | Tralee, Ireland
20-27 August 2005 | Room 206, Caledonian Hilton Hotel | Edinburgh, UK



“A clever, entertaining and suspenseful dance drama…full of surprises” Irish Independent

“There is only one room but there are multiple occupants in this wonderfully witty and wistful dance theatre piece… Turning the audience into voyeurs as if at a peepshow, and reminding us how the anonymity of the hotel room allows us to take on many identities, the show offers three entwining stories happening in a single space but in different time frames.

…It is 50 minutes of delight that bears witness to the many lives of hotel rooms and which is performed with a thrilling athletic zest.

Both playful and sensual, the physical work’s sheer precision and emotional eloquence is outstanding…” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian



Sexiest Show Award – Dublin Fringe Festival 2004
Fringe First – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2005