The Choreography Project


THE CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT is a creative and performance opportunity for adults.  


Be truly creative

Try something completely different

Meet like-minded people passionate about dance and theatre


THE CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT is a regular feature of the BROADREACH audience engagement programme, it offers people the opportunity to work with professional choreographers in the exploration of contemporary dance theatre. Each project is hugely diverse, providing a unique experience of the choreographic process and the varied practices of collaboration. THE CHOREOGRAPHY PROJECT also offers a lively environment for people to meet others with similar interests and to share their passion for creating dance theatre.

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The Choreography Project

Bridge | 2013

Led by Jen Fleenor The Choreography Project 9 September - November 2013 An exploration as to how bridges are built (or burnt) between people through time and space, the project weaved dramatic themes with ...more

Kinetic 2012

Led by David Bolger The Choreography Project 7 October-November 2012 The focus of this short 1-week intensive Choreography Project was to learn 'toolbox' skills to choreograph a dance, focusing on style, content and emotions ...more

Silent Shots 2012

Led by Megan Kennedy The Choreography Project 8 October-November 2012 Performed at The Chocolate Factory From October-November 2012 Choreographer Megan Kennedy, Co-Artistic Director of junk ensemble, worked with 16 participants to create SILENT SHOTS, a site-specific ...more

The Solo Collective 2011

Led by Emma O'Kane The Choreography Project 5 June - July 2011 Performed in Merrion Square - July 2011 The fifth Choreography Project was led by CoisCéim Dancer-in-Residence EMMA O’KANE. Over 6 weeks, participants embarked ...more

The Dance 2011

Led by Muirne Bloomer The Choreography Project 6 November - December 2011 Performed at DanceHouse - December 2011 The sixth Choreography Project was led by CoisCéim Dance Artist-in-Residence, Muirne Bloomer. It explored the themes of ...more

Flesh and Bones | 2010

Led by Philippa Donnellan The Choreography Project 4 November - December 2010 Performed at The Hugh Lane – 11/12 December 2010 FLESH AND BONES was the result of collaboration between CoisCéim Broadreach and The ...more