Set on a real bumper-car track, DODGEMS immersed its audience in the textures of an exotic and multicultural fairground. They sensed the speed, the energy and the mayhem in a displaced and alluring world ...more


We spend our lives looking for the perfect partner with whom we can 'Tie the Knot', and when we think we've found them, we spend the rest of our lives examining the frayed ends. Using ...more


Inspired by Hoffman's original dark tale and Tchaikovsky's delightful score, David Bolger's production springboards the action from the daily routine of the office into a spectacular magical adventure. 9-5 living is transformed into a ...more

Chamber Made

CHAMBER MADE is performed in a hotel bedroom and this intimate setting allows audiences an immediate and voyeuristic experience. A young couple burst into the hotel room with a wild and playful energy. A single ...more


SWEPT is a site specific duet which fuses dance, text, music, light and sound. In this physical journey of fun and friendship, SWEPT takes place in the intimate Peacock Theatre foyer bar. Animating these areas ...more


MERMAIDS takes as its starting point Hans Christian Andersen's story THE LITTLE MERMAID. 'She would have wept, but mermaids cannot weep, and therefore, when they are troubled, suffer infinitely more than humans do' - ...more