Can you imagine what it might feel like if a loved one went missing? This poignant duet broaches the experiences of the families and communities left behind. Missing is a reminder of the fragility and beauty ...more


Have you ever made a spectacle of yourself? Walking the tightrope of life, jumping through hoops, bending over backwards to please, there is pageantry in everything we do. Inspired by life and the extra-ordinary ...more

Touch Me

Set among the remains of a boarded up room, a group of strangers look in from outside. A set of keys unlocks the door to hidden gems left behind. What was that promise that ...more

Swimming with my Mother

A stage duet embodying the relationship between a mother and son and their mutual love for swimming and dancing. In this intimate dance, shared pasts intertwine and build gently like a rising tide. Life ...more

Deep End Dance

Faun / As You Are

FAUN by David Bolger Audiences rioted when they saw Nijinski’s first ballet, L’Apres midi d’un Faune, shocked by the shameless sensuality and revolutionary dance style. Mixing Debussy’s famous score with Queen, David Bolger explores ...more