Creative Steps


Off The Walls | 2017

by Philippa Donnellan Dublin City Arts Office presents, Off the Walls, a dance celebration in the LAB Gallery spilling out onto Foley Street. The Gallery will be hosting Theresa Nanigian's new exhibition, Trying to ...more


A NEW class, choreography and performance project 16 January – end April  LED BY DANCE ARTISTS SIBÉAL DAVITT AND OLWYN LYONS In January 2017 nineteen young people signed up to take part in the ...more

Dying to Tell 2008

Directed by Muirne Bloomer, the theme of DYING TO TELL is those who would kill to achieve recognition. Who knows who has secrets to reveal, confessions to make and lies to be detected. Watch your back ...more

Dance on Film Project 2013

In Spring 2013 Creative Steps took part in their third dance film project. Working with film mentor Peter Kelly, the group produced four unique dance films: Run Alice Run, Sugar, All the Kings Men, and ...more

Dance on Film Project 2008

One Shot Wonders In the first Creative Steps dance on film project, participants collaborated with young film makers to brainstorm, select and create four uniquely engaging short films. The theme involved the challenge of ...more

Dance on Film Project 2011

Creative Steps completed this dance film project with Peter Kelly of FilmCircle Productions as film mentor and Philippa Donnellan as dance mentor, resulting in four short dance films. Filming took place in a variety of locations including ...more

Dance on Film Project 2009

Dressing for Beginners The second Creative Steps project in 2009 resulted in a film produced that was created by the group - the imaginative Dressing for Beginners, a demonstration of changing room manoeuvres and the ...more

Night of the Living Debs 2010

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEBS is a project exploring modern and traditional debutante norms, demonstrating cosmetic change made common by fake tanning, beauty products, and hair bleaching. The piece culminated in two parts, the first being performed ...more

Isadora Door 2008

ISADORA DOOR was performed by Creative Steps at the Sonraigh Youth Dance Festival in 2008.

Dance on Film Project 2010

STRANGE ENCOUNTERS This film project was put on by Philippa Donellan from CoisCeim, Peter Kelly of Film Circle and Tom Swift from The Performance Corporation. In this collaboration with the Kildare County Council Arts Service, ...more